Travel & Vacation Around The World On The Cheap

Deciding that you want to go on a vacation is a very easy task. But actually booking the vacation and paying for it, however, is much more difficult thing. Vacation deals are there to help those who are looking for a cheap vacation. But how can you find good vacation deals? Many people are not sure where they can find great vacation deals. Here are a few tips that will help you find vacation deals that will save lots of money.

Tip #1: Book on time

If one is going on a vacation, then he will get better vacation deals if he gets his booking done on time. By booking on spur of the moment, you are giving the hotel very little notice, which means that you will have to pay the full price. If you book on time then you will have a chance to get attractive offers. Hotels may offer vacation deals that you may not have seen before. Whenever possible, book your vacation on time.

Tip #2: Talk to a travel agent.

These days many people are shifting away from travel agents. They are getting their vacations booked online using an online travel site. While these can sometimes get a person great vacation deals, many people find that they have more trouble booking a vacation online than they would if they had gone to a travel agent. Travel agents get deals easily because they have connections that the average person does not have. Travel agents can often get a vacation deal that the average person would not be able to find.

Tip #3: Nepotism is Good

It is good if you know anyone in the country or city you are planning to visit. There is always a chance that the people you know may be able to help you to get a great vacation deal. People who live in the area know the best places to stay, and many have connections that can get a good deal on a room or on a vehicle.

Tip #4: Be Flexible.

Every one wants to begin their vacation on a Friday or a Saturday and end it on a Saturday or Sunday. These are the most sought after days to start and end vacations, and booking a vacation during these days mean that it is likely that you will not be able to find any vacation deals. Instead, try booking your vacation during the days like on a Tuesday or a Thursday. Also, try booking your plane flight during the late night or the very early morning, as these will help you save money.

Forbes Magazines Top Vacation Destinations:

1. Orlando (Walt Disney World / Universal Orlando), Fla.

A cluster of perennial tourist favorites surround this mid-Florida metropolis. It got votes as a top-selling vacation destination from all of the travel agencies we polled. The allure of Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and a host of other theme parks—not to mention the balmy Florida weather—make this city a prime holiday hot-spot.

2. New York City, N.Y.

As with Orlando, travel agencies unanimously reported that New York City was one of their best-selling vacation destinations during the past year. Leisure opportunities within the city are virtually endless, but Travelocity's poll of its marketing managers found that "Broadway shows" topped its list of vacationers' Manhattan destinations.

3. Las Vegas, Nev.

The city of perpetual indulgence welcomed more than 37 million visitors in 2008 and is home to 17 of the biggest hotels in the U.S. The city's casinos, shows, fine dining and warm desert air put it at or near the top of the list as a best-selling vacation destination for a majority of the travel organizations we surveyed.

4. San Francisco, Calif.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, world-class museums and restaurants are among the draws of this West Coast destination, which attracts more than 16 million visitors annually. Travel-Ticker customers preferred deals on hotels near the waterfront or Union Square.

5. Los Angeles, Calif.

The entertainment capital of the world is also surrounded by inviting beaches and mountains—and is located a short drive from tourist-magnet Disneyland. Cultural, sight-seeing and shopping opportunities abound; new attractions include the Annenberg Space for Photography (opened this Spring) and Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood (scheduled to open summer 2009).

6. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cancun and Cozumel are among the popular destinations on Mexico's "Mayan Riviera," the stretch of coastline along the Caribbean side of the Yucatan Peninsula. Beach and ocean activities are the order of the day here, especially snorkeling and scuba diving in the spectacular Great Maya Reef.

7. Chicago, Ill.

Travelocity's marketing managers found the Blue Man Group to be the best-selling Chicago attraction for their customers, but the Windy City is home to myriad vacation draws, from its architectural wonders to high-profile sports franchises to a thriving theater scene and numerous lakefront leisure activities.

8. South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Key West)

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Key West landed at the top of best-seller lists from several of the travel agencies we polled. The tropical climate of the Sunshine State makes beach and outdoor activities popular vacation activities here, from sun-bathing to boating and scuba diving. There's no shortage of indoor attractions, either—from the family-friendly Museum of Discovery & Science in downtown Fort Lauderdale to Key West's Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Shopping, culture and spicy nightlife beckon from the U.S.’s southernmost major city, Miami, which also has two national parks (The Everglades and Biscayne National Parks) within range.

9. Oahu (Waikiki Beach), Hawaii

Yet another tropical island cracks the ranks of our top vacation spots. Waikiki Beach, which fronts the resort-studded coastline of the Honolulu neighborhood that shares its name, draws millions of sun-seekers each year. Among Travel-Ticker's best-sellers in the past year were a Waikiki condo sale, and rooms at a luxury Waikiki resort.

10. Bahamas

This archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean (northeast of Cuba, Southeast of Florida) offers a sun-soaked palette of vacation opportunities, from tropical beaches to golf and gaming. Twenty-five percent of respondents in a Cruise Lines International Association poll listed the Bahamas when asked where they planned to go on their next cruise vacation trip.

11. San Diego

"Waterfront San Diego resort" was a best-selling item for last year. This Southern California city offers numerous attractions inland, as well, from golf courses to nightlife to family attractions like Legoland and the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

12. Phoenix/Scottsdale, Ariz.

These adjacent Arizona cities are located in "The Valley of the Sun"—golf and spas top the vacationers' itineraries in this Southwestern destination, with museums, shopping and dining adding indoor respite from the almost-constant sunshine.

13. Washington, D.C.

The Smithsonian Institution's 25-million-plus visits last year attest to the cultural drawing power of the nation's capital. D.C. is also a hotbed of performing arts and entertainment, second only to New York City, for example, in number of theater seats.

14. Los Cabos, Mexico

Located at the tip of Baja California, Los Cabos comprises the resort towns Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Fishing, snorkeling, whale watching, and off-roading are among the favored leisure activities at this juncture of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes.

15. Maui, Hawaii

Another sun-kissed Pacific island rounds out our list of Top North American Vacation Destinations. The second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui welcomes millions of tourists each year, most from Japan, the U.S. and Canada. Among Maui's multitude of attractions is the Hana Highway, a winding road through lush rainforests misted by waterfalls.